Zubr is excited to launch our new agency-focussed sub brand: Atom

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Atom Launches!

Since 2015 Zubr has been creating experimental augmented and virtual reality content across many different sectors. We’ve done it all: from AR demos at product launches, to virtual reality festivals and avant-garde exhibition showcases. We even developed the world’s first automated volumetric capture suite!


From collaborating with clients over the last 7 years we know how confusing and impenetrable the world of XR or the Metaverse can be. But fear no more. Atom is the ideal partner for all your immersive needs.

As the digital agency arm of Zubr, Atom helps brands, agencies and promoters around the world communicate their message through exceptional virtual experiences. Feeling out of step with a performance artist, or want to spice up a seasonal offer, Atom is the no-nonsense studio you need to help you create next-level content.

After more than 250 successful projects, our specialist team of artists and developers know how to deliver an unforgettable experience, and our innovative solutions are accessible for traditional marketing agencies and creatives. Atom’s expertise covers 8 categories of immersive experience design: VR and Metaverse, AR marketing, Social Filters, Mini Games, XR Exhibitions, Music Promo, 3D Capture, and VR Binoculars.

But if your client has other ideas, we’re always excited to hear and support new immersive projects and we’ve got the technical expertise to make it happen.

"We're extremely excited to make a bang with the next evolution of Zubr with the launch of our second sub brand, Atom. Zubr's core focus when it was founded 8 years ago was to drive innovation within the creative field. We know this is best done in partnership with the experts. Atom specialises in building bonds, and working with leaders across all tiers of the creative industry: from marketing agencies and musicians, down to artists and brands."

— James Biggs, Zubr Co-founder

We’re launching a brand new Instagram account @zubr.atom where you can discover our latest creations. Our new website features a curated selection of past projects to inspire and excite, easy-to-digest resources, and news about upcoming projects and emerging technologies to help spark your next great idea. Get in touch via our contact page when you’re ready to make that idea a reality.

In the coming weeks we’ll be publishing a series of posts celebrating all things immersive with our collaborators at TechSPARK, launching a new range of AR social media filters, and hiring for a new role.

We’re seeking a Commercial Account Manager to help support our Atom partners, so if you like the sound of Atom and you’ve got agency experience stay tuned to find out how to apply.

We can’t wait to hear how Atom can help you elevate your offer, entertain your clients and explore the wonderful realm of immersive experiences.

Now is the time to take the leap into virtual. We’re ready when you are.

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Atom listed as leading organisation in immersive tech

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Top studio for AR and VR

The largest technology network in the West, TechSPARK, have named Zubr as a pioneering company who are ‘making strides towards the continuing innovation of immersive tech’. We’re proud to be listed alongside other big players in the tech industry.

The article highlights our company journey, starting with extensive R&D into hologram capture and mixed reality, to our current status as veterans of immersive experiences – be that in the Metaverse, AR, VR, or XR.

Find out more over at Techspark:

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Crack Magazine and Zubr unveil Aphex Twin - Augmented

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Press Release

Bristol-based independent music magazine, Crack, have today unveiled a unique augmented issue. The release is centred around Aphex Twin, one of the most acclaimed figures in contemporary electronic music.

After previously working with Crack on their Bjork In Focus piece, Zubr have created the interactive content using the recently updated Apple AR Kit 2.0 – which pushes the boundaries of Augmented Reality even further.

Within the issue is a 10 page segment centered around a rare interview with Richard D. James, better known as Aphex Twin, as well as artwork from his visual collaborator, Weirdcore.

In the first of its’ kind, Zubr collaborated directly with Weirdcore to turn his existing 3D scans & upcoming EP artwork into an augmented reality app. Users can now experience Weirdcore’s optical distortions on the magazine in 3D.

"Understandably chuffed about getting a rare interview with one of the most elusive electronic musicians on the planet in the bag, the Crack team have decided to go whole hog on this one, working with both Weirdcore (who designed it) and Bristol studio Zubr (who built it) on an augmented reality app which promises to bring the magazine cover to life."

To celebrate this interview with one of the most elusive electronic musicians, Crack have planned a month of related content – starting out by hiding sneak peaks of the launch in over 100 locations worldwide, with the help of Landmark.

On top of this, Zubr also developed a bespoke Facebook Filter that can be accessed through the Crack Magazine page. With the filter activated, Facebook users will be able to augment Aphex Twins’ uncanny aesthetic straight onto their faces.

The interview can be found on Crack Magazine’s website, with the physical magazine expected to disappear fast from the usual venues across Europe.

For those lucky enough to get their hands on the issue or poster, the AR app can be downloaded from the App Store