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"Understandably chuffed about getting a rare interview with one of the most elusive electronic musicians on the planet in the bag, the Crack team have decided to go whole hog on this one, working with both Weirdcore (who designed it) and Bristol studio Zubr (who built it) on an augmented reality app which promises to bring the magazine cover to life."

Aphex TwinCrack Magazine

We enhanced Crack Magazine’s rare interview with Richard D. James, better known as Aphex Twin, alongside artwork from his visual collaborator, Weirdcore. Our team translated Weirdcore’s glitchy visual style, his existing 3D scans, and upcoming EP artwork into a number of dazzling AR pieces. Readers can experience Weirdcore’s optical distortions on the magazine in 3D using our AR app which brings the 10-page special issue to life.

We also designed a series of social media filters that let users augment Aphex Twin’s many guises directly onto their face, or recreate their own version of the distorted magazine cover.



We captured volumetric video footage of Bristol techno, noise and hardcore supremos SCALPING for their new single Remain in Stasis ft. Grove.

Watch it here

Bjork’s FutureVR World

The Atom team developed an immersive VR mini-site dedicated to Bjork’s future to coincide with the Bjork Digital exhibition at Somerset House. We created a bespoke virtual environment using artwork from Bjork’s most recent endeavours, making use of dynamic features such as manually dimensionalised artwork, particle systems and a bespoke content management system (CMS).


Aïsha DeviSpatial VR

Working with Simple Things Festival and the University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab, we transformed Aïsha Devi’s track ‘I’m Not Always Where My Body Is‘ into an ambisonic VR music video, nestled amongst otherworldly visuals supplied by Pussykrew. After directing a volumetric video capture session of Aïsha, we reconstructed her performance as a holographic rendering which we loaded onto 5G-enabled VR headsets.


Declan McKennaAlbum Launch

Social media filters for Declan Mckenna to accompany his 2020 album launch for Zeros. Featuring artwork from his Beautiful Faces music video.

A selfie filter lets you wear the wobbly head of Declan Mckenna. It morphs between your face and Declan’s face to share on your instagram stories.

A second filter lets you place the set of his music video for Beautiful Faces anywhere in the world.

Explore the set of Beautiful Faces or walk around a giant Declan head amongst the rocks and clouds.