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Cyber Security Game

We developed a mini game for Mobile World Congress 2018 which allowed visitors to interact with and control a physical 3D model. This represented a modern city and all the key entities within, including transport links, power sources, waterways and a financial district.

Using our bespoke app, delegates launched the mini game to explore this miniature world through the lens of cyber security. Areas of the city changed colour and flashed when under attack, with the augmented reality showing the physical ramifications of the hacking on the city infrastructure. Players had to become a cyber hero and save threatened or damaged parts of the city, thus showcasing the client’s offering. By surviving wave after wave of cyber attacks, protecting the city’s vital infrastructure from crippling under the barrage of hacks by putting up shields, and competing against other players they could become the ultimate cyber hero!

Almost 3000 people played the mini game throughout the five day trade show. The AR mini game was a powerful way to visualise the clients’ products and capabilities, and was a fun reprieve for delegates from listening to or reading information.


Good Day Milk

Swiss milk processor, Emmi, and multinational food packaging and global leading packaging company, Tetra Pak wanted a new augmented reality experience accessed via its connected packaging. Our AR mini game educates Emmi consumers about the three new milks drinks available and encourages healthy, happy and positive lifestyles among customers.

In ‘Move your Body’, users scan the connected packaging and choose between Barista, High Protein, or Milk Drink. This launches the mini game where they collect virtual fruit, oats, and other ingredients in their cereal bowl by physically moving in the real world.

This mini game combined high end graphics with embodied movement via cutting-edge motion tracking, delivered through AR to leave users engaged and informed.


Thomas & Friends

We designed a wall chart activity game for The Entertainer. Users scan the poster to activate a window into the world of Thomas & Friends.

Talk to Thomas and the Steam Team, take part in daily challenges to earn stickers, and play mini games as a reward for a job well done.

Games included a jigsaw puzzle, popping bubbles, matching pairs, tidying toys, cleaning the steam engines – all in off the rails AR!


Unite Students Donut game

We challenged students at a promotional UNITE freshers event to eat as many virtual donuts as possible before the time ran out. Using face-tracking technology, users had to chow down on donuts but avoid the falling tyres. Users who submitted a screenshot of their score were entered into a competition to win £150 of ASOS vouchers.


EnzymesKinect Game

We developed an arcade-style Kinect game that used gesture tracking to increase interactivity. 

Smash into particles to digest them. Work with friends to control enzymes. Race to the end, avoiding collisions with the roof or floor of the small intestine.


Pirate Adventure Game

Our pirate adventure mini game transported users from the everyday to the extraordinary through the power of augmented reality.

The bespoke AR app offers a series of challenges, from breaking other pirates out of jail to firing at other vessels.

Shoot the targets, find the clues and uncover the lost treasure in an epic pirate adventure – yar har har AR!


Arctic CoffeeFill up the cup

Our ‘Fill Up the Cup’ minigame for Arctic Coffee challenges customers to catch falling coffee, milk and ice cubes, whilst avoiding the temptation of Christmas goodies. This was launched to promote their Christmas range in 2022.