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Cyber Security Awareness

In partnership with the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ) and Queen’s University Belfast, we developed a virtual reality simulation designed to educate and train students on various cyber security topics through gamification, but grounded with real word statistics and risks. The experience consists of multiple 3D virtual environments that are related to real-world locations where cyber security skills are essential for students.

Throughout the experience the Students not only get hands-on with the various elements of Cyber Security, but are also tested on their knowledge and expectations of the breadth in which Cyber Security risks such as phishing, social engineering and device security can impact them both immediately and their future.



A rollercoaster ride through the human bloodstream – on a microscopic scale. Reach out and touch blood vessels. Witness up close the groundbreaking science behind new healthcare research.

Anatomica was featured at an industry conference where hundreds of delegates were amazed by this astonishing process. This virtual reality showcase is the only means of inviting people into the minutia of the human anatomy.


Sleep ConHotel Experience

Attendees of the Sleep Conference in London explored the future of Hotel design with our fully interactive, room-scale HTC Vive experience. Our VR Hardware partner, Chillblast, worked with us to create a futuristic vision of a luxury hotel resort to enthral visitors at the 2016 Sleep Conference. Users are transported to an incredible space station resort, orbiting a Mars-like planet where they can enter their hotel room before stepping out on to the balcony, and down to the infinity pool.


Audi R8 VR Showcase

An incredible VR showcase experience for Chillblast, showing off ultra-realistic features of the stunning Audi R8 model. Our virtual reality scenario let you testdrive the Audi R8 through beautiful landscapes, prior to purchasing.


Aïsha Devi – Spatial VR at Simple Things Festival

Working with Simple Things Festival and the University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab, we transformed Aïsha Devi‘s track ‘I’m Not Always Where My Body Is‘ into an ambisonic virtual reality music video, nestled amongst otherworldly visuals supplied by Pussykrew. Building upon our previous spatial VR experiences such as Alpha Regio, we fused augmented and virtual reality technologies to enable participants to navigate the “open-world” at their leisure. Our surreal audiovisual soundscape reacts and evolves as you move through it, allowing participants to discover their own unique, multi-sensory ‘mix’ of the performance.


Virtual Upfest 2020

Explore over 30 new graffiti murals. Discover more about the artists with direct links to the artists’ websites and merchandise. Participate in the first VR street art festival: Virtually Upfest. Available on web, mobile or VR headset, this TRON-style world provides easy access for international graffiti fans to enjoy the festival from the comfort of their own homes.


Encounters Film Festival Immersive Companion

The UK’s leading short film, animation, and virtual reality festival, Encounters launched again in September 2022. As the official gateway to the world’s most prestigious awards – The Academy Awards, BAFTAs, and the European Film Awards, Zubr was proud to create an interactive virtual environment for the program’s newly established Immersive Showcase.
This successful VR feature was developed in partnership with Encounters and Limina Cinema.
Over 6 days of screenings, hundreds of simultaneous users went to experience the selected live-action and animation films in 1 hour-long slots.
The Immersive Companion received great feedback from visitors, film directors as well as festival producers, and we are preparing to enrol this exciting and innovative tool for multiple film festivals across the UK as they increasingly expand their VR repertoire.