Visitors engaged



Saddleback @ Rouleur Classic

For Rouleur Live – the international industry-leading bike exhibition – we developed an augmented showcase to promote Saddleback’s brand and products. Atom designed AR windows disguised within the branding on Saddleback’s display which used proximity to let each attendee explore the inner workings of the company at different levels.

Using 180 degree video we captured behind-the-scenes content from Saddleback’s warehouse, boardroom, and offices. When a customer approached the stand, they triggered nearby windows and appeared to walk from the Rouleur showroom through to the inner workings of Saddleback.

Customers could also don a VR headset to see Saddleback’s iconic products in action through a livestream of the footage broadcast to Saddleback’s stand from a stereoscopic camera strapped to the chest of a celebrity cyclist.


Navigating Shark Infested Waters

For an international pharmaceutical convention we developed a gamified AR showcase that challenged delegates to answer questions correctly, or risk being attacked by sharks.

Our team fabricated a physical model of a swimming pool, measuring 2×1 metres, with custom 3D printed people ready to dive in. Viewing the pool model through an iPad caused the water to move enticingly, but also triggered AR shark models swimming up and down.

Delegates selected a swimmer avatar which matched one of the 3D printed model to dive in and answered questions about our client’s product to progress down their lane. A wrong answer caused the swimmer to tread water, as the sharks inched closer – a metaphor for the life-changing help provided our clients’ product.


Mobile World Congress
Cyber Security Game

Our AR cyber security game for the 2018 Mobile World Congress in LA explained how cyber security works and demonstrated the need for services like our clients’ by placing players in situations that could be avoided through greater use of cyber security.

We commissioned a fabrication company to make an interactive, physical 3D model which lit up and could be controlled by MWC visitors. Using our bespoke app, delegates had to survive wave after wave of cyber attacks, protect the city’s vital infrastructure from crippling under the barrage of hacks by putting up shields, and compete against other players to become the ultimate cyber hero!

Areas of the city changed colour and flashed when under attack, with the AR layer showing the physical ramifications of the hacking on the city infrastructure which could be prevented using our client’s product.



Zubr teams up with Syngenta to create an Augmented Reality App along with two grub sculptures for the 2019 Lamma Show.

Working with leading agriculture company Syngenta, Zubr created an informative Augmented Reality app. Bring the giant chafer grub sculptures to life and learn how to treat the soil pests across their lifecycle.


Pfister Filter AR Cube

We partnered with Trainrobber to build an incredible visualisation of a water filtration system for Pfister’s showcase at an industry expo.

Pfister Faucets needed an innovative and fun solution to allow guests to experience their Xtract water filtration system at the KBIS Conference. Guests looked through mobile VR headsets at the Xtract Filter product, mounted on a cube in the centre of the space. The cube magically transformed into an X-ray model of a kitchen sink, complete with plumbing and water flow.

Guests experience the key message of the product first-hand as they watch animated germ characters being obliterated in the actual filter before their eyes!


Deep Dive

This augmented reality showcase for an international medical expo is another excellent example of our proficiency at using AR to transform real world objects.

Using our custom AR software, delegates had to chose the direction and depth of their chosen avatar’s dive. This precision was a metaphor for our clients’ vision correction product.