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"People loved interacting with this installation, which mixes the nostalgia of seaside attractions with the magic of seeing a landscape change before your eyes. The fact that you don’t need anything to take part was key, allowing anyone, smartphone user or not, to walk up and see the past and future of the area spring to life around them."

Height-adjustable ‘Periscope’ - Tower Bridge

We built an all-metal Periscope viewer to be installed on the Tower Bridge walkway on a temporary basis.

It was specially designed to be mounted temporarily on a ceiling girder, with the installation leaving no mark behind on the Grade 1 listed bridge structure.

The primary purpose of the viewer was to unlock the cityscape view to small children and wheelchair users, whose view is blocked by girder structures. The software also overlays landmark labels on the city.


Classic NYC Binoculars - Cardiff Bay

We built classic New York City-style binoculars for showcasing a future property development in Cardiff Bay.

These binoculars feature a ‘time travel’ lever on the side, allowing people to see what the area looked like in the past as well as the conceptual renders of the future.

The software featured a calibrated 3D landscape which changed depending on the time period, to show features such as steam ships, Victorian houses and high rise apartment blocks. 


X-Ray view - Carrickfergus Castle

We built an incredible cutaway view of the castle keep, so people could still see inside it whilst the building was closed for renovations.

An animated transition effect of the bricks peeling away, along with sound effects, makes an impactful introduction.