of shoppers say AR apps wouldinfluence them to shop more often


of the world’s populationhas an AR capable smartphone


of retailers used AR or VRto enhance shopping in 2022

Saddleback atRouleur Classic 2018

We added an AR layer to Saddleback’s physical showroom. Using an iPad to interact with a physical product caused technical information to appear in AR, giving customers greater context on their purchase. By enabling potential clients to intuitively reveal an additional digital layer of product information which would have previously been disclosed via a member of staff, we freed up hours of staff time while simultaneously providing customers with further product details in an interactive digital experience.


UNITE StudentsAccommodation Preview

What combines easy access and impactful visuals? Our AR marketing for UNITE.

Our ‘bauble-style’ AR social filters allow incoming students to explore their new accommodation without needing to travel, or even leave their room! With simple info panels and immersive 360 renders of each space, this is the ideal solution for any virtual tour.


Parklife FestivalEvent Promo

Our AR promo poster for Parklife made the festival line up pop like never before. With quirky floating visuals and eye-catching animations, this is AR marketing done right.


BaldwinDoor Handle Showcase

Wouldn’t it be great if you could preview furniture and hardware in your own home – in position and at actual size – before you actually buy it? Working with our US partner studio, we created this simple but highly effective AR app to coincide with the release of a new line of luxury door handles. Using any US dollar bill as a tracking image, viewers can preview a wide range of handle models and finishes wherever they like. The scale of the digital door handles is exact; allowing viewers to accurately gauge and measure which models would suit their needs.


ParlourFurniture Showcase

Tired of trying to work out furniture layouts using an old school tape measure? The AR app we made for Parlour lets you shop and visualise your updated space all in one place.

Users could select different furnishing, ornaments and home decor in a range of textures and finishes, and place them in their own home – all in AR. Seeing each piece positioned amongst their familiar belongings resulted in an increase in sales and highly satisfied customers.