Las IguanasSummer Cocktails

As part of our ongoing partnership with the Big Table Group, Atom developed a series of funky colourful social filters for popular Latin American restaurant Las Iguanas.

Customers submitted a selfie taken with the filter to win prizes, and enjoyed a different head-dress depending on the cocktail they chose. Each drink had a corresponding AR costume, linked to the city it originated from. A fun way to combine culture and cuisine.


National rail, your adventure

Our roulette-style AR social filter for National Rail was a fun and ‘light’ experience for railway customers as they sought inspiration for their summer getaway.

Launched for National Rail’s national ticket offer in summer 2022, this Instagram filter spearheaded the campaign and was used by thousands of National Rail customers – both for fun at home, and as an adventurous way to plan a trip.


Declan McKennaSony Music

Social media filters for Declan Mckenna to accompany his 2020 album launch for Zeros. Featuring artwork from his Beautiful Faces music video.

A selfie filter lets you wear the wobbly head of Declan Mckenna. It morphs between your face and Declan’s face to share on your instagram stories.

A second filter lets you place the set of his music video for Beautiful Faces anywhere in the world.

Explore the set of Beautiful Faces or walk around a giant Declan head amongst the rocks and clouds.


Parklife 2019AR Flyer

AR social media filter giving hints for the 2019 Parklife Festival lineup.

Interacting with the poster using the social filter gave you insider information about the festival, giving users a true A-list experience.


Unite students

To promote UNITE during freshers week we developed a quirky social filter that sorts students into a type of housemate. Find out if you are the comedian, the resident DJ, or the flat parent.


LexusUX Launch

Social media filter to drive interest in their new car, the UX, focussing on the unique rear lights of the vehicle. Each UK dealership received their own customised version of the filter to drive results locally. Customers scanned a famous local landmark with the iconic UX lights over it and submitted it to their local dealership’s Facebook page for a chance to win a 24 hour experience.


Aphex TwinCrack Magazine

Zubr Atom developed a fun social media filter for Crack Magazine’s Aphex Twin AR issue letting you augment Aphex Twin’s many guises directly onto your face.


Arctic coffee Christmas Snack combo

We designed a roulette-style social filter that pairs Christmas treats with products from Arctic Coffee’s 2022 festive range. What combo will you try?


MF Doom

Zubr Atom was invited to produce a piece of AR artwork to celebrate the late MF Doom featured at the group show His name’s Doom in June 2022.
Aim the camera at the artwork to bring to life his signature mask.


LAS IGUANAS, celebrate the flavours

We helped Las Iguanas customers celebrate different cultures in our recent social media collaboration. Customers can take selfies with headdresses from different Latin American traditions, adding context to the countries their cocktails came from.